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      International cuisine

      From: Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau

      Tomacado 花廚

      Tomacado is a restaurant that doubles as a flower shop, making it the perfect place to snap up a bouquet or chow down on some delectable dishes. It focuses on creative Western cuisine, but also offers Chinese and Southeast Asian dishes – often with a twist.

      Flowers embody the beauty and power of nature, while the kitchen wholeheartedly endorses people’s love of fine cuisine. When flowers meet food, an idyllic space is created to help calm the minds and rest the weary bodies of city slickers in this bustling metropolis.

      Moreover, Tomacado adheres to the concept of a chain store without the duplication effect, making each store a unique space integrating cuisine, floral art, and life aesthetics.

      10# Steak House 拾號牛扒

      No matter how fast-paced life is, there are times when you just have to treat yourselves and the ones you love. Whether it's a couple on a date, or parents taking their children out for dinner, 10# Steak House offers an elegant environment and exquisite Western dishes.

      Many people drop by for its signature dish of Wellington steak. Wrapped in puff pastry, the beef is cooked tender and juicy, with each bite a taste sensation full of layered flavors. For the icing on the cake, some cheese beef pancakes and pirate coconut mousse are highly recommended.

      Monster Table 怪獸Monster

      For a real American burger, Monster Table is the place to go. Moreover, when you see the size of the patties and buns on offer here, you’ll realize where the name of this restaurant came from.

      Their signature burger, Monster Farm, is like a miniature, edible skyscraper replete with an omelette and mushrooms. Augmented with some Monster BBQ sauce, these burgers taste like they’ve come straight from an American farm. 

      The American classic Wagyu beef burger is equally amazing in size and taste, with juicy Australian Wagyu beef paired with fresh onion rings.

      For those whose stomachs are not bottomless pits, the restaurant is happy to let two people share one burger. Just add some more French fries with mustard seed sauce if you aren’t yet full.

      Tequila Coyotes

      This restaurant is presented by three Mexicans who are eager to show Mexican food to the world. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food in Shenzhen, consider it.  

      Add: B1 Sea World Plaza, Wanghai Road, Nanshan District (南山區望海路海上世界環船廣場B1)

      Tel: 26896279


      Add: Room 1-109A, Shennan Dianlu Tower, 99 Qiaocheng Road East, Nanshan District (南山區僑城東路99號深南電路大廈1-109A AVANT餐廳)

      Metro: Line 1 to Qiaocheng East Station (僑城東站) or Line 2 to Qiaocheng North Station (僑城北站)

      Tel: 18998996444


      Add: 40/F, Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen, 4088 Yitian Road, Futian District (福田區益田路4088號福田香格里拉大酒店40樓Ensue餐廳)

      Metro: Line 4 to Convention and Exhibition Center Station (會展中心站) or Line 1 or 3 to Shopping Park Station (購物公園站)

      Tel: 18823437333/83939235

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