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      【Incentives for attracting talent】Permanent residence status for high-level foreign talents

      From: Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau

      In recent years, Shenzhen has issued a series of talent policies and regulations, based on the needs of economic and social development. It is committed to creating a high-quality environment for talented human resources and building institutional advantages with international competitiveness. Through the upgrading of its related policies, the city is promoting the transformation from "attracting talent with policies" to "forming an environment and culture conducive for talent gathering," based on a market-oriented approach. The city’s warm welcome and financial benefits attract continuous inflows of talented people.

      Shenzhen is striving to build itself into a city of dreams and a place where the world's talents look forward to living and working.

      In order to help high-level foreign talents apply for a talent visa ("R visa") and provide them with the convenience of having permanent residency, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission has printed and distributed the Talent Identification Standards for High-end and Urgently Needed Foreign Talents in Shenzhen.

      Key requirements:

      Foreigners who meet one of the following conditions can be identified as high-end and urgently needed foreign talents in Shenzhen.

      (1) Those who entered national talent introduction programs;

      (2) Those who conform to internationally recognized standards for professional achievements;

      (3) Those who conform to the needs of market-favored posts;

      (4)Innovative and entrepreneurial talents;

      (5) Outstanding young talents;

      (6) Those who scored above 85 points in terms of talent identification;

      (7) Those recommended by relevant municipal departments.

      Policy benefits:

      The applicant shall apply for the "R" visa for talents at Chinese embassies and consulates abroad using the Confirmation Letter of Foreign High-end Talents.

      Application procedure:

      Those who are invited by Shenzhen employers shall apply through the Management System for Foreigners Working in China, and submit an online application form, invitation letter, relevant certificates that meet the talent recognition standards, and other materials. No paper documents are required.

      For those who meet the requirements, the Shenzhen Municipal Science, Technology and Innovation Commission will issue a Confirmation Letter of Foreign High-end Talents online within five working days, and then submit the information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country (region) where the applicant is located, or other overseas institutions entrusted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      The applicant shall apply for the "R" visa for talents at Chinese embassies and consulates abroad using the confirmation letter.

      Scan the QR code to log in to the Management System for Foreigners Working in China

      Tel.: 0755-88121678(Service windows for work permits for foreigners)

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