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      【Incentives for attracting talent】Returned overseas students can get up to 1 million yuan of subsidy for starting their businesses in Shenzhen

      From: Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau

      In recent years, Shenzhen has issued a series of talent policies and regulations, based on the needs of economic and social development. It is committed to creating a high-quality environment for talented human resources and building institutional advantages with international competitiveness. Through the upgrading of its related policies, the city is promoting the transformation from "attracting talent with policies" to "forming an environment and culture conducive for talent gathering," based on a market-oriented approach. The city’s warm welcome and financial benefits attract continuous inflows of talented people.

      Shenzhen is striving to build itself into a city of dreams and a place where the world's talents look forward to living and working.

      To support returned overseas students inlaunchingstart-upsin Shenzhen, and strengthen the management of the subsidy fundand the entrepreneurship park of returned students, Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued "Shenzhen Returned Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Subsidy Fund Management Measures".

      Key requirements:

      The applicant for entrepreneurship subsidy should be an enterprise established by overseas returnees, and the applicant can designate one returnee to apply.

      Returnees’ startups and the returnees designated to apply for the subsidy shall meet the following requirements:

      1. Applicants should have studied or workedoverseas for more than 3 years;

      2. The shares held by the applicant in a startup shall not be valued less than 300,000 yuan;

      3. The applying enterprise is in a key industry supportedby the city. The list of supported industries is adjusted from time to time according to the city's latest industrial planning;

      4. The applying enterprise should have strong scientific research and innovation capabilities, talent resources, office space, R&Dfacilities, and operates normally.

      Policy benifits:

      There are three levels of entrepreneurship funding: the first level is 1 million yuan, with no more than 10 recipients annually. The second level is 500,000 yuan, with no more than 15 recipients annually. The third-level subsidy is 300,000 yuan, with no more than 30 recipients annually.

      Application procedures:

      Applicantscan log in to "Guangdong Government Service Network,"search for "Shenzhen Overseas Students Entrepreneurship Subsidy Qualification Review," submit application information and upload application materials.

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