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      【Incentives for attracting talent】Multi-dimensional support and cultivation of skilled talents

      From: Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau

      In recent years, Shenzhen has issued a series of talent policies and regulations, based on the needs of economic and social development. It is committed to creating a high-quality environment for talented human resources and building institutional advantages with international competitiveness. Through the upgrading of its related policies, the city is promoting the transformation from "attracting talent with policies" to "forming an environment and culture conducive for talent gathering," based on a market-oriented approach. The city’s warm welcome and financial benefits attract continuous inflows of talented people.

      Shenzhen is striving to build itself into a city of dreams and a place where the world's talents look forward to living and working.

      Shenzhen promotes the spirit of craftsmanship, and creates a strong atmosphere of "respecting model workers, honoring hard work, and cultivating craftsmanship." The city attaches great importance to innovating mechanisms, unblocking career development channels, and building a "growth ladder" for skilled talents.

      In 2022, the city distributed 272 million yuan of various training subsidies, benefiting 167,500 workers.

      Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the city has selected 58 Pengcheng Craftsmen and 233 skilled elites, two of whom have won the "ChineseSkills Competition." Meanwhile, 71 people have won the honorary title of "National Technical Experts," and 314 have been awarded the honorary title of "Guangdong Technical Experts." The cultivation of craftsmen and talent has achieved remarkable results.

      At present, the total number of skilled workers in the city exceeds 4 million, the number of highly skilled workers has reached 1,438,400, and the proportion of highly skilled workers has increased to 35.84% of the total workforce, providing strong support for the construction of the GBA and the pilot demonstration zone. 

      1) "Skilled elites" can get subsidies of up to 200,000 yuan

      In order to further strengthen the construction of young and highly skilled talent in Shenzhen who master the "high, refined, and cutting-edge" technology, Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau revised the Administrative Measures of Shenzhen for the Selection and Subsidy of Skilled Elite in 2018 to provide funding for the "skilled elite.""Skilled elite" refers to young and highly skilled talent with international vision, creative thinking and the ability of sustainable innovation and development in strategic emerging industries, future industries, modern service industries, advantageous traditional industries and other fields in Shenzhen.

      "Skill elites" are selected every two years. 

      Key requirements

      Those who have worked for more than two years in the city's frontline technical posts or vocational education teaching posts, are under the age of 35, and have achieved one of the following achievements in the past five years can participate in the selection of "skilled elites”:

      (1) Won honorary titles issued by the provincial or higher-level human resources security department;

      (2) Won one of the titles of "Shenzhen Craftsman Star,""Shenzhen Skilled Model," or "Shenzhen Technical Expert;"

      (3) Selected to the provincial delegation to participate in the national-level WorldSkills Competition;

      (4) Won a top-five award in a provincial- or higher-level skill competition, or a top three award at a municipal-level skill competition;

      (5) Won the municipal science and technology award or obtained more than one invention patent, resulting in great economic or social benefits;

      (6) Made significant contributions to the development of technical innovation, technical transformation and technical promotional activities, which have produced great economic and social benefits. 

      Policy benefits:

      A "skilled elite" cancomplete the subsidy projects within two years of identification. Each person can apply for no more than five subsidized projects, and the total amount of the subsidies shall not exceed 200,000 yuan.

      Application procedures:

      Login to the official website (https://gxzxpub.sz.gov.cn/EliteWeb/Login.aspx).

      Scan the QR code to read the policy explanations

      2) "Pengcheng Craftsman" can get a reward of 500,000 yuan

      To cultivate a group of highly skilled talents with the spirit of craftsmanship, and boost the economic transformation and industrial upgrading of Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security has formulated “Shenzhen Pengcheng Craftsman Selection Method.” Shenzhen has defined"Pengcheng Craftsmen" as outstanding and highly skilled talents with a spirit of craftsmanship in the city’s strategic emerging industries, future industries, modern service industries, advantageous traditional industries, and other fields.

      "Pengcheng Craftsman" is the highest honor awarded to skilled talents in Shenzhen. Ten people are selected every year, and each of them will be awarded a prize of 500,000 yuan. This demonstrates the city authorities’talent concept of "respecting labor and skills," while further incentivizing workers to build their careers or start their own businesses. 

      A large number of skilled talents have applied for the annual selection of "Pengcheng Craftsman." Through this process, many have been discovered at the frontline posts of production and service, setting an example for the further development of skilled talents in the city. Aftera review by experts, an on-site investigation, a public review and other selection procedures, 10 people including Yu Haijun were rated as "Pengcheng Craftsmen" in 2022. 

      Key requirements:

      Those who have worked in a frontline technical post of production and service in Shenzhen for more than five years, have good professional ethics and a strong sense of dedication, possess the professional qualification of a senior technician or equivalent technical skills, and who have gained one of the following achievements in the past five years can participate in the selection of "Pengcheng Craftsman":

      (1) Won the "Chinese Skills Award" or the title of "National Technical Expert;"

      (2) Enjoy a special government allowance from the State Council or a special government allowance from Shenzhen;

      (3) Were awarded the title of "South Guangdong Technical Expert,""Guangdong Provincial Technical Expert,""Shenzhen Technical Model," or a similar title;

      (4) Won national and provincial-level science and technology awards, and achieved significant economic or social benefits;

      (5) Won a top-five award in the WorldSkills Competition, a top-three award in a national first-class competition, or were the above winners' tutor;

      (6) Made outstanding contributions to technological innovation and overcoming technological difficulties, and summarized unique operating processes and methods, resulting significant economic and social benefits. Alternatively, the candidate must possess unique skills, or have made significant contributions to explore and inherit traditional crafts, with the result having had a significant impact on Shenzhen.

      Policy benefits:

      Winners will be awarded the honorary title of "Pengcheng Craftsman" by the municipal human resources security department and granted a certificate, with prize money of 500,000 yuan per person.

      Application procedures:

      The applicant must log in to the "Guangdong Government Affairs Service Network," search for "Pengcheng Craftsman," and click on "Online Processing."

      3) New-type apprentices can get a subsidy of up to 8,500 yuan per year

      The Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources Security Bureau and the Shenzhen Municipal Finance Bureau have jointly formulated the Implementation Measures for Promoting the New-type Apprenticeship System. The goals are to build a new mode of skilled personnel training that combines the training resources available at schools and enterprises, train highly skilled workers who meet the requirements of the modern industrial system, and help achieve high-quality economic development. 

      Key requirements:

      Apprentices should be hired by employees in skilled posts (excluding outsourced workers) who are over 18 years old, have signed labor contracts with the enterprises for more than one year, and also participated in social insurance in the city; However, employees with one of the following conditions shall not be identified as apprentices:

      (1) Have already received vocational training subsidies of the same or higher level for the same occupation;

      (2) Have participated in the apprenticeship training program for the same occupation (type of work) at the same or higher level;

      (3) Apprentices who have been registered with a district-levelhuman resources department in Shenzhen and are still in the training period;

      (4) Full-time students at technical and vocational colleges;

      Policy benefits:

      The subsidy standard for apprenticeship training is: 5,500 yuan per person per year for training programs of Grade IV (intermediate worker) or the equivalent vocational skill level, 7,000 yuan per person per year for training programs of Grade III (senior worker) or the equivalent vocational skill level, and 8,500 yuan per person per year for training programs of Grade II (technician) or the equivalent vocational skill level. 

      Application procedures:

      The enterprise applies for an apprenticeship training subsidy to the district human resources department according to the number of apprentices passing the assessment. 

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