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      Venues offering services to talents moving to SZ

      From: Shenzhen Municipal Talent Affairs Bureau

      When people move to work and live in Shenzhen, they first need to transfer their household registrations, receive subsidies, and register for social security with the local social insurance authority. Now hundreds of such issues can all be handled online courtesy of Qianhai International Talent Port.

      Qianhai International Talent Port: building a magnet for top talents

      Located on the eastern coast of the Pearl River estuary in western Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, the Qianhai Cooperation Zone has served as the starting point of China's reform and opening-up in the new era. On Sept. 6, 2021, China announced that the Qianhai Cooperation Zone would be expanded to 120.56 square kilometers. As a "special zone in the special zone," Qianhai has been allowed to implement a series of pilot policies with the aim of developing the cooperation zone so it can play a leading role in urban construction, industrial layout, and low-carbon and eco-friendly living.

      Qianhai International Talent Port started operating on Jan. 4, 2022. It strives to be a physical landmark and emotional harbor for the country to lure global scientific and innovative talents to work, start businesses and live in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It also aims to help build Shenzhen into a highlysought-after city for such talented human resources.  

      Qianhai International Talent Port has constantly improved by providing all-round, multi-functional services while playing a trailblazing role in the reform and innovation of China’s system to attract and retain talents.

      Qianhai International Talent Port provides services that are usually offered by 12 government departments such as the human resources bureau, the science and technology innovation commission, the public security bureau, and the foreign affairs office. A total of 451 bilingual government and business services related to international talents in both Chinese and English are provided online and offline simultaneously. Foreigners can submit their work and residence permit applications at the center and have them handled at the same window. The center is one of two places in the city that can accept these applications by foreigners. Meanwhile, the self-service equipment introduced there allows people from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macao to renew their driving licenses by themselves.

      A service commissioner system for international talents has also been launched to provide 100 exclusive services for six categories of people including scientists in strategic industries and young talents from Hong Kong and Macao. These groups of talents can customize the services by placing an order using their mobile phones. 

      Shenzhen Talent Park: the first theme park of its kind in China

      Located in Houhai, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Talent Park is connected to the coastal recreation belt of Shenzhen Bay and sits adjacent to the Shenzhen Bay Super-headquarters Base. Covering an area of some 77 hectares, including 30 hectares filled with ponds, lakes and other waterways, it ranks as the first park in China based on the theme of, and named after, talented human resources. The following scenic spots are recommended for you to visit.

      The Qiuxian Pavilion has a multi-function hall, coffee bar, book bar for talents, and lecture hall for academicians. Lectures, forums, roadshows, and salons are all provided free of charge.

      The amusement park has a variety of fun facilities for children imported from Denmark, providing a congenial place for parents and kids to enjoy some leisure and entertainment together. Meanwhile, each amusement facility tells a short story related to talented people.

      "0" and "1", representing the digital era, have been chosen as creative elements added to the sculpture dubbed "I am an IT person", signifying how Shenzhen's high-tech industry has grown from scratch.

      The talent station provides policy consultation, entrepreneurship guidance and other services, and carries out numerous activities for young makers and entrepreneurs. 

      On Star Bridge, the portraits, titles and achievements of outstanding talents are engraved on commemorative plaques, inlaid into specially made lampposts and arranged on the Avenue of Stars in chronological order, making for a dazzling display.

      There are 160 stories on π (Pi) Bridge explaining how scientists let their imaginations run free in the pursuit of proving the theory of pi. Here, people can also hear a beautiful song related to this groundbreaking theory, composed of the numbers following the decimal point of this mathematical value.

      When looking at the "red and blue vest" sculpture, the red vest represents Shenzhen volunteers in general while the blue vest represents civil servant volunteers. The Shenzhen Volunteer Federation was launched in the 1990s and is the first organization of volunteers on the Chinese mainland.

      On the first floor of Qunyinghui lies the "Talents Deeply Loved in Shenzhen Hall," which shows the achievements of Shenzhen's talent development while also serving as an activity center to help popularize science among young people. There are also exhibition and experience areas for artificial intelligence, 5G applications,where regular government-enterprise dialogues, project roadshows, and product-matching activities are conducted.

      Shenzhen Talents Park: keeping services running smoothly for talents

      The Administrative Service Hall of Shenzhen Talents Park officially opened Oct. 19, 2015. On May 10, 2017, it became the first municipal specialized branch office to be set up when Shenzhen reformed its government services.

      In accordance with the requirements for government service reform, the hall has adopted a "one-stop service for talents" approach to cater to the needs of those being served, while also promoting the greater use of information technology to offer them better services. Efforts have been made to enable the hall to achieve a high degree of online and offline integration in a bid to provide specialized, personalized, and in-depth services.

      In 2016, the hall achieved the goal of "centralized handling at one door" (human resources and social security services can all be handled in the hall, providing one-stop services and achieving the goal of taking care of people's human resources and social security affairs at a single location).

      One year later, it realized another goal of "separating the process of accepting and reviewing, offering theme-based services" (with the front office accepting applications, and the back office classifying, reviewing, and approving them, thus covering the three theme-based services of serving talents, facilitating upskilling, and handling social security issues).

      The hall spearheaded China's reform of government affairs in 2018 by initiating a new model dubbed "approval within seconds". 

      In 2019, “approval within seconds” was granted approval to be more widely introduced and promoted(with this model applied to all matters related to introducing talents to the city and even extending it to the field of social security).

      In 2020, another service known as “handling all affairs in one window” was introduced, with all human resources and social affairs issues handled at the same window and with a single registration number.

      In 2021, the hall rolled out its"one park and many stations" program, serving as a new way to provide human resources and social securities services. This effectively extended those services to areas densely populated by companies, by setting up talent service workstations for Huawei, Foxconn, Qianhai, Xili University Town, Guangming Science City, Bao'an Talents Park and Tencent.

      In 2020, the hall unveiled a new way of “handling human resources and social securities affairs via 5G video”. This allows people to enjoy "one-to-one" consultations and receive help without leaving their homes by connecting them directly with staff from the social security department via their mobile phones. It also means they can have their human resources and social securities affairs taken care of online from start to finish. 

      By implementing these human resources and social security policies, the hall has made every effort to improve its services and facilitate the application process to make these as convenient as possible. As of December 2022, all of the 193 applications undertaken by the hall were successfully handled online. After seven years of government service reform, the number of service windows in the hall has been reduced from 58 to 23, the number of staff have been downsized from 106 to 61, and the average number of people in the lobby has shrunk from a peak of 4,000 to just 450 a day.

      Website of the Shenzhen Talents Park online reservation system


      Shenzhen Talent Institute: the city's '1+N' talent service system

      Founded in October 2016, the Shenzhen Talent Institute is located on the bank of the Xili Lake, adjacent to the Xili Lake Science and Education City, and currently covers a built-up area of 430 mu (28.67 hectares). The main function of the institute is to carry out research and training on talent, provide services such as state-of-the-nation research, academic exchange, display of innovation achievements, health managemen and policy publicity. The institute aims to create four platforms for talent's research and training, academic exchange, intelligence transformation and health management.

      The Shenzhen Talent Institute has complete facilities, beautiful environment with mountains and water, and offers a garden-style training environment. The institute hasthe "home of talent,"talent center, academician building, lecture hall, Shenzhen talent history museum, talent library, health management center, talent service station and talent restaurant, which can provide all-round servicescoveringtraining, research, conference, exchange and health care.

      The "SHENZHEN NEXT” study tour camp invites outstanding and aspiring young people around the world to guide young talents to experience the unique charm of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the pilot demonstration area through visits and exchanges, cultural studies, policy lectures, dialogues between high-calibre experts, walking and hiking.

      Shenzhen has built a "1+N" talent service system across the city ("1" refers to the talent institute, "N" refers to its branches and bases), and has successively launched the east branch, Longhua branch, Futian base and Dapeng base, which have been officially been put into operation and provide more convenient services for talent education and training, exchange and academic conferences.

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