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      Unleashing Fun: Discovering pet-friendly parks across SZ

      Have you ever wondered where your dogs can have fun? Well, wonder no more! Here is a list of pet-friendly parks in Shenzhen, and all of them are open to the public, free of charge, covering all districts. Don’t hesitate; bring your beloved pets, and let them enjoy joyful times together!

      Futian District

      Dogs at Pet Park on Sixth Street, Jingtian North. Photos by courtesy of Beautiful Shenzhen Wechat account except otherwise stated

      Pet Park on Sixth Street, Jingtian North (景田北六街寵物公園)

      Pet Park on Sixth Street, Jingtian North is Shenzhen’s first pet-themed community park. The park is divided into different areas, with dedicated spaces for pet activities and leisure, making it perfect for both pet walking and strolling. The pet activity area is equipped with pet care information boards and training facilities; the park also provides thoughtful amenities like pet waste stations and handwashing facilities, leaving no worries about your pet’s bathroom needs!

      Location: Huajing Street, Futian District (福田區花景道)

      Metro: Line 9 to Meijing Station (梅景站), Exit A2

      Bao'an District

      Dogs at Lingzhi Street Pet Park.

      Lingzhi Street Pet Park (靈芝街心寵物公園)

      Lingzhi Street Pet Park features a pet activity area of approximately 450 square meters. Within the park, there are designated areas like sandpits and lawns for pets to play and have fun. It is also equipped with pet-friendly amusement facilities such as climbing structures, jumping platforms, and tunnels, creatively made from recycled materials such as tires and wood, promoting a green and eco-friendly concept. Conveniently placed pet waste bins and trash cans in the park ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Next to the pet activity area, there is a garden with relaxing seats, providing a spot for you to unwind after a leisurely stroll with your pet. The park is also adorned with a rainwater garden landscape, allowing you to appreciate the park’s beauty while taking a break.

      Location: Greenland beside the Lingzhi Park, Xin’an 2nd Road, Bao'an District (寶安區新安二路靈芝社區公園旁公共綠地)

      Metro: Line 2 to Lingzhi Station (靈芝站), Exit B2

      Pet owners watch their pet dog play at the Yunxi Pet Park in Bao'an District. File photos

      Yunxi Pet Park (云曦萌寵綠地小游園) 

      Another pet-friendly space is going to open soon in Bao’an District, and it will be the largest pet-friendly park in Shenzhen.

      Located in the southwest side of the intersection of Jiangangshan Avenue and Guangtai Road in Xin'an Subdistrict, the Yunxi Pet Park (云曦萌寵綠地小游園) is the largest pet-friendly park in Shenzhen. It covers an area of roughly 13,000 square meters, including a 1,200-square-meter pet playground consisting of three different zones for large, medium, and small-sized pets, respectively.

      The park features a 1,200-square-meter pet playground consisting of three different zones for large, medium, and small-sized pets, respectively.

      Each zone has special facilities and equipment, such as running paths, climbing frames, sand pools, drilling equipment, and pet drinking water supplies, allowing pets of different sizes to play, exercise,or interact with each other freely. The entire play area, with double gates, is surrounded by fences designed to prevent conflicts between dogs and humans.

      An area for large dogs at the park.

      Another highlight of the park is a ring-shaped elevated walkway designed for pet owners to take a leisurely walk or enjoy the park’s panoramic view. Down in the center of the ring-shaped walkway, there is also a small amphitheater where visitors can sit and watch performances. 

      In the future, the park will have an open-air café, a pet grooming area, a pet medical area, pet supplies shops, and other service facilities, making it more convenient for pet owners to provide better care for their pets.

      Add: Intersection of Jiangangshan Avenue and Guangtai Road, Xin'an Subdistrict, Bao'an District (寶安區新安街道尖崗山大道與廣泰路交匯路口西南側云曦萌寵綠地小游園)

      Metro: Line 5 to Xingdong Station (興東站)

      Guangming District

      A dog use a pet fitness equipment at Pet Park in Guangming District. Photo from Xiaohongshu

      Pet Park in Guangming District (光明區寵物公園)

      This park is equipped with various pet fitness equipment, including hurdles, high and low platforms, tunnels, balance beams, and more. However, the most eye-catching feature is the rainbow race track, where pets can compete with each other and run freely on the course.

      Add.: Entrance of Dayan Mountain, Changzhen Community, Yutang Subdistrict, Guangming District (光明區玉塘街道長圳社區大雁山入口處)

      Metro: Line 9 to Yinhu Station (銀湖站) and transfer to Line 6 to Changzhen Station (長圳站), Exit D and then take B971 Bus to Changzhen Village Station (長圳新村站)

      Dapeng District

      A corner of Dapeng Pet Park.

      Dapeng Pet Park (大鵬寵物公園)

      Dapeng Pet Park combines dog walking, strolls, and exercise all in one place. The park provides spacious grounds with various pet entertainment facilities, including pet jumping platforms, pet agility tunnels, weave poles, training teeter-totters, pet tie-outs, climbing slopes, and bridges. Pets can play freely and unleash their natural instincts here.

      Location: Greenland near Dabao Kindergarten, Kuichong Subdistrict, Dapeng New Area (大鵬新區葵涌街道大寶幼兒園河道綠地)

      Metro: Lines 2 or 8 to Liantang Checkpoint Station (蓮塘口岸站), Exit C and then take a taxi

      Longgang District

      Pet Park near the main stream of Longgang River offers a pet-friendly space. 

      Pet Park near the main stream of Longang River(龍崗河干流寵物公園)

      This park offers both a pet-friendly space for walking your furry friends and a scenic spot for enjoying the view. During the day, you and your beloved pets can visit the grassy park on the embankment, where your pets can happily play. In the evening, you can also enjoy the beautiful night view of Pearl Beach together.

      Location: Right embankment of Pearl Beach along the mainstream of Longgang River, Longgang District (龍崗河干流珍珠灘右岸堤頂小公園)

      Metro: Line 8 to Gangxia North Station (崗廈北站), transfer to Line 14 to Buji Station (布吉站), take Line 3 to Shuanglong Station (雙龍站), Exit B and then take M305 Bus to Dawei Village Station(大圍村站)

      Luohu District

      Honghu East Pet Park allows pets to run freely under the protection of the barriers.

      Honghu East Pet Park (洪湖東寵物公園)

      This park is enclosed with rainbow-colored fences, allowing pets to run freely under the protection of the barriers. Pet exercise equipment such as lawns, gentle slopes, and small floral landscapes is placed in various spaces. These amenities are complemented by resting areas, providing pets with an ecological and cozy home that combines fun and comfort.

      Location: Honghu East Community Park, Luohu District (羅湖區洪湖東社區公園)

      Metro: Line 9 to Hongling North Station (紅嶺北站), and then take Line 7 to Honghu Station (洪湖站), Exit B

      Nanshan District

      The entrance of Sihai Park Pet Park.

      Sihai Park Pet Park (四海公園寵物樂園)

      This pet park located at the east gate of Sihai Park is equipped with pet activity facilities and water fountains for pets, and provides resting benches for pet owners, making it a great place for pet socialization.

      Location: Sihai Park, 6 Gongyuan Road, Nanshan District (南山區公園路6號四海公園)

      Metro: Line 2 to Wanxia Station (灣夏站), Exit B and then take M493 Bus to Sihai Park South Station (四海公園南站)

      A view of Longhua District Pet Park.

      Nanyou Community Pet Park (南油社區公園)

      Photos from official WeChat accounts "i游深圳"

      The pet park in Yuehai Subdistrict, with an area of around 600 square meters, opened in late September. It is divided into a pet activity area and a leisure area. 

      The pet activity area is complete with an array of pet exercise and amusement facilities, such as running tracks, climbing structures and weave poles, plus other facilities such as a pet waste station and handwashing stations. 

      The leisure area, equipped with seating, allows pet owners to take a rest after a walk with their pets. 

      The second pet park in Nanshan District, the Nanyou Community Pet Park is Shenzhen's 12th park for pets. 

      Longhua District

      Pet Park in Longhua District (龍華區寵物公園)

      Longhua District Pet Park covers an area of approximately 500 square meters and is equipped with informative signs promoting responsible dog ownership, pet waste collection bins, and pet sculptures, allowing dog owners to walk their pets while abiding by the rule and being responsible and respectful pet owners.

      Location: Jianshang Community Park, 100m northwest from the intersection of XinquBoulevard and Jianshang Road, Longhua District (龍華區新區大道與簡上路交叉口西北100米,簡上社區公園內)

      Metro: Line 8 to Civic Center Station (市民中心站) and then take Line 4 to Shangtang Station (上塘站), Exit B

      Pingshan District

      A poster at Base for Dog Rearing Popular Science.

      Base for Dog Rearing Popular Science (坪山養犬教育科普基地)

      At the Base for Popularizing Knowledge of Dog Rearing, you can learn how to raise dogs, understand the specific requirements and procedures for adopting dogs, and participate in activities focused on caring for pets’ well-being. Let’s together develop responsible dog ownership habits and become more civilized pet parents.

      Location: East Gate of Pingshan Guangzu Park, Pingshan District(坪山區坪山光祖公園東門入口旁)

      Metro: Line 8 to Futian Station (福田站), transfer to Line 11 to Gangxia North Station (崗廈北站), and then take Line 14 to Kengzi Station (坑梓站), Exit B

      Yantian District

      Chuntianhai Community Park is the first pet-friendly park in Yantian District. 

      Chuntianhai Community Park (春天海社區公園)

      Chuntianhai Community Park, the first pet-friendly park in Yantian District, provides a space for dogs to play and exercise, and is equipped with pet restrooms, handwashing facilities, and benches. It serves as a recreational area for residents in the neighborhood to walk their pets and socialize.

      Location: Yangang Community, Yantian Subdistrict, Yantian District (鹽田區鹽田街道沿港社區)

      Metro: Line 8 to Liantang Port Station (蓮塘口岸站), Exit C, and then take M348 Bus to Yantian Haixian Street ③Station (鹽田海鮮街路口③站)

      Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone

      A view of the Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Pet Park.

      Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Pet Park (深汕特別合作區寵物樂園)

      The Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Pet Park is located in Bianxi Street Park. This park offers a spacious environment where dogs can runfreely and play to their hearts’ content.

      Location: Bianxi Street Park, Chuangxin Boulevard,Ebu Town, Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone (深汕特別合作區鵝埠鎮創新大道邊溪街心公園)

      Transportation: Take the train from Shenzhen North Railway Station to Houmen Railway Station (鲘門站), and then take a taxi 

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