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Explore Shenzhen | Dive into flower markets in SZ
Life can be compared to flowers in some ways; it brings increased joy when cherished. Delicate and fragile, flowers usually succeed in finding a precious place in our hearts, casting sunshine on our ordinary days. Let’s embark on a journey among the flourishing flower markets in Shenzhen.
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Explore Shenzhen | 10 recommended parks in Shenzhen
Hailed as a city of parks, Shenzhen is home to over 1,000 parks of different sizes. How to pick from the city’s long, long list of parks? Below are 10 of our recommended parks, each with distinct characteristics.
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Explore Shenzhen | Find your cup of coffee in Shenzhen
Coffee has become an indispensable part of many Shenzheners' life. On the city’s already diverse coffee shop map, new coffee shops keep popping up, constantly adding new choices for the city’s coffee lovers. Let’s explore together a few locations in Shenzhen where you may find your cup of coffee.
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Explore Shenzhen | Viewing SZ from above the clouds
While you may be familiar with many of Shenzhen’s iconic city views, it’s likely that if seeing them from above, you would find them less familiar. Come join us for a quick look at some of these views from an above-the-clouds perspective.
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