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      Living in SZ | Get ready to paddle and play on Xinzhou River
      In the blink of an eye, the adrenaline-pumping dragon boat race is on the horizon! Who can resist witnessing a thunderous round of dragon boat races on the Duanwu Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival?
      Weekend Fun | UAV expo, poetry talk, exhibitions and more
      UAV expo, poetry talk, exhibitions and more will bring fun to you during the weekend in the city.
      Vendor goes viral with 'handmade' instant coffee
      The video of a customer buying a cup of coffee for 10 yuan (US$1.38) from a street-side shop in Nanjing is the latest unlikely trending topic on Chinese social media.
      Expat Explorer | Wine & cheese night, comedy improv jam and more
      Here is a guide on exploring wine & cheese night, comedy improv jam and more in the city.
      Kintsugi art taught to college students
      More than 60 students have enrolled in an 18-session kintsugi art course at Shenzhen University (SZU), the first time that an intangible cultural heritage is systematically taught to college students, who will earn one credit upon completing the course and creating one piece of kintsugi work.
      Weekend Fun | Fisheries and seafood expo, concerts and more
      Fisheries and seafood expo, concerts and more will bring fun to you during the weekend in the city.
      Music embracing a diverse community
      On Tuesday afternoon, a gathering of several dozen Badeng Community residents in Futian District convened at their community service center to attend a complimentary concert jointly hosted by Shenzhen Concert Hall and a local music conservatory.
      Events mark International Museum Day
      Museums across China have arranged inclusive events for visitors ahead of the International Museum Day, which falls on May 18.
      Rooftop go-kart track draws crowds
      ?Go-karts race across the rooftop of a multi-story parking garage in Pinghu, Longgang District. The rooftop go-kart track has attracted numerous residents and tourists. In recent years, distinctive rooftop attractions, like a sky farm and a shared soccer pitch, have emerged in Longgang, driving the transformation of the city’s “sixth fa?ade” landscape.
      Expat Explorer | Coffee tasting, improv comedy show & more in SZ
      From coffee tastings to improv comedy shows and more, here is your guide to events in Shenzhen.
      Chinese films shine once more at Cannes
      The 77th Cannes Film Festival kicked off in the resort city in southeastern France on Tuesday, marking an inspirational return of Chinese-language movies to the international screen.
      Gosling’s movie pays tribute to Chinese kung fu
      ?Following Jackie Chan’s tribute to stunt performers with “Ride On” in 2023, Universal Pictures has geared up for its own tribute with the new film “The Fall Guy,” which intertwines a heartfelt romantic narrative with the action-packed world of stunts and is set to hit Chinese mainland cinemas tomorrow.
      Longhua Pavilion shines at ICIF
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      ICIF in 360 degrees
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